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Alffy Guinea Pig
Alffy Guinea Pig
Alffy Guinea Pig
Alffy Guinea Pig

Alffy Guinea Pig




  • Complete pellet ration providing higher protein and more calories
  • Protein-luscious!
  • Supports the extra nutritional needs of junior, growing or breeding guinea pigs
  • Aromatic and highly palatable
  • Contains Yucca to help control habitat odor
  • With stabilized Vitamin C added to complete your guinea pig daily nutritional needs
  • Helps prevent teeth and gum problems

Alffy Guinea Pig for young guinea pigs was formulated to always keep your guinea pigs digestive system in tip top shape, and because it is made primarily of our great tasting hay you won't go wrong with this higher protein pellet.  Our Alffy Guinea Pig is specifically designed for young guinea pigs and other small companion animals that require higher protein and less fiber to help their growing needs.  We have added just the right amount of vitamins and minerals to maximize your guinea pigs health. Our pellets are not only great tasting, they are smaller than those of our competition for ease of eating and they have added Yucca to help reduce cage odors as well as added Vitamin C.   Feed Alffy Guinea Pig along with any of American Pet's Timothy Hay or Alfalfa Hay varieties to assure a well-balanced diet to your pet guinea pig.