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Prairie Dog Natural Food
Prairie Dog Natural Food
Prairie Dog Natural Food
Prairie Dog Natural Food

Prairie Dog Natural Food





  • Timothy hay based complete pellet
  • Created with Gena Seaberg, PhD approval
  • Great Taste that will make your prairie dog squeak with joy!
  • Provides higher fiber and less protein
  • Tastes great and supports digestive motility
  • Contains Yucca extract to help control habitat odor
  • Includes balanced & essential vitamins and minerals
  • Made specifically for Prairie Dogs in captivity

Prairie Dog Natural is a Prairie Dog Food formulated to keep your prairie dogs' digestive system in tip top shape. A nutritionally complete and balanced diet made from our farm fresh great tasting timothy hay. Prairie Dog Natural was developed to account for the highly efficient and unique nutritional requirements of captive prairie dogs.  Prairie Dog Natural was formulated with the assistance and endorsement of Gena Seaberg, PhD, an internationally recognized consultant, who assists rescues, zoos, sanctuaries, veterinarians, and pet owners with all aspects of successfully maintaining healthy prairie dogs in captive settings.  Feed Prairie Dog Natural along with any of American Pet's Timothy Hay varieties to assure a well-balanced diet to your pet prairie dog.

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