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Timmy Chinchilla
Timmy Chinchilla
Timmy Chinchilla
Timmy Chinchilla

Timmy Chinchilla





  • Complete pellet for adult Chinchilla
  • Good choice maintenance diet less active or overweight pets
  • Provides higher fiber and less protein
  • Tastes great but supports digestive motility
  • Contains Yucca extract to help control habitat odor
  • Includes balanced & essential vitamins and minerals
  • Stabilized Vitamin C especially for your chinchilla

Timmy Chinchilla for Adult Chinchillas was formulated to always keep your chinchillas digestive system in tip top shape. Because it is made primarily of our great tasting hay you won't go wrong with this high fiber pellet. Our Timmy Chinchilla is specifically designed for adult, less active or overweight chinchillas and other small companion animals that require higher fiber and less protein to help reduce or maintain body weight. We have added just the right amount of vitamins and minerals to maximize your chinchillas health. Our pellets are not only great tasting, they are smaller than those of our competition for ease of eating and they have added Yucca to help reduce cage odors, and stabilized Vitamin C. Feed Timmy Chinchilla along with any of American Pet's Timothy Hay varieties to assure a well-balanced diet to your pet chinchilla.

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